The Educational Services Department supports teachers in continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. We aim to support teachers in delivering rigorous,  Common Core aligned curriculum equitably across the district as well as sustained professional learning and the Systematic Instructional Framework.

Sustained Professional Learning Cycle to support Soledad Unified’s LCAP goals.


 Systematic Instructional Framework:

Soledad is focused on implementing a shared and coherent belief system, mission, and understanding of five instructional shifts, based on inquiry, and their visible implementation within and across classrooms to which all members of the TK-12 grade school community are committed and accountable. Below are the 5 shifts:

5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Doing to Meet the Common Core Standards

  • Increase Text Complexity

  • Lead High-Level, Text-Based Discussions

  • Focus on Process, Not Just Content

  • Create Assignments for Real Audiences and with Real Purpose

  • Teach Argument, Not Persuasion

Lauren Davis, Senior Editor, Eye On Education